June 27, 2022
June 27, 2022

NeoNomad. A parallel economy and multi-chain ecosystem.

NeoNomad. A parallel economy and multi-chain ecosystem.

Humans began their journey through history as nomadic creatures. For most of human history, we wandered across the land hunting and foraging to sustain ourselves. Although the last 10,000 years have drastically changed the way most of mankind lives their lives, the human thirst for freedom and exploration has not been quenched by the comfort our socially engineered systems of centralized control can provide.

Cryptocurrency, by its very nature, is humanity’s latest attempt at regaining the freedom it lost all those years ago. It seeks to shatter the imagined restrictions and limitations of centralized finance in order to create an inclusive system that serves the majority of people as opposed to a privileged few. The NeoNomad project hopes to be a part of this effort.

Over 1.7 billion people across the globe are without access to the traditional banking services most people in the West take for granted. However, these traditional services have their limitations, even in countries where financial infrastructure is well-established; the centralized systems we rely on to store and grow our wealth regularly underserve us. This lack of service makes investing our capital a more challenging and cumbersome experience than it needs to be. Traditional Finance (TradFi) is riddled with flaws that we at NeoNomad believe we can help remedy.

About NeoNomad Finance

Founded and operated by a diverse group of talented individuals, NeoNomad is among the first decentralised ecosystems to bridge the divide between TradFi and DeFi. Our team consists of experts in a number of different fields including engineers, agricultural specialists, and venture capitalists.

As the NeoNomad community, we represent a people who are without a fixed sense of belonging to a given system; we are individuals who are digitally geared global citizens determined to be part of an inclusive and sustainable financial and social ecosystem. Our goal is to foster a parallel economy where users are able to manage their finances without the typical restrictions of centralised or traditional finance.

To do this, NeoNomad offers a range of services with a variety of benefits. Among these benefits is the opportunity to invest in digital assets backed by real-world assets. With NeoNomad, investors will soon be able to invest in precious metals, agriculture and other diversified asset classes through NFTs! Interested? Let’s get into the specifics.

What utility does NeoNomad offer?

  • Multi-Chain Ecosystem — NeoNomad operates its own decentralised exchange where users can buy, sell, and exchange their cryptocurrencies through an intuitively designed platform. We believe in enabling investors to have their assets on the blockchain of their choice, which is why we are building a multi-chain ecosystem. NeoNomad is built on Solana and we have recently developed blockchain bridges to BSC and Ethereum in preparation for our upcoming listings on Pancake swap and Uniswap. We ensure the security of these bridges by subjecting them to extensive audits, including back-end penetration testing, with top-tier blockchain auditing firms. Our multi-chain approach does not stop with BSC and Ethereum — we intend to expand to Avalanche, Polygon, and a number of other blockchains soon!
  • DeFi App the NeoNomad ecosystem will soon also provide users with the ability to participate in liquidity staking and yield farming activities, providing an opportunity to earn rewards in the form of LP Tokens, APR, and APY. Curious about our LP Tokens?
  • NomadPay — Spending your money abroad can be a challenge. Between banking fees, exchange rates, and unhelpful customer service teams, using your bank card abroad can be a nightmare. Through NomadPay, you will be able to make purchases across the globe in cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Our cryptocurrency payments are supported through the use of the Solana network and the SolanaPay feature. Similarly, our VisaX cards now allow you to effortlessly convert your currency and earn rewards while you spend! In addition, you can request payments via SWIFT/SEPA.
  • NFT Marketplace — The NFT market is still in its infancy, but it is becoming saturated with an ever-increasing number of projects. However, for an NFT project to withstand the volatility of the crypto market, it needs to have a unique competitive edge. Here at NeoNomad, we take a different approach to NFT investments in order to set our NFT products apart and give them sustainable value. Through the NeoNomad NFT marketplace, users will be able to invest in NFTs that are supported by real-world assets. Your NFTs will provide you with ownership rights over a wide range of assets that include precious metals, livestock, and other agricultural products. For example, users can purchase our cow NFTs that are backed by physical cows on farms. Investors will then earn a return on their investment through the profits yielded from milk production and other products. Our NFT offerings are made possible through partnerships with farms, precious metal mines, and other businesses across the globe, and we believe these partnerships contribute to real economic and social development. We are excited to be in partnership with the South African Gold Exchange for our precious metals NFTs. We have also integrated Chainlink, a leading blockchain oracle service, to provide you with live price feeds of your gold and silver assets. Our approach to NFT investing will finally allow investors to profit from asset classes that would have previously been out of reach to the average investor.
  • NeoNomad Dashboard — If you are the kind of investor who enjoys managing their finances in a single place, the NeoNomad dashboard is for you. From here, you will be able to view all your investments on the NeoNomad platform as well as access NomadPay and request SWIFT/SEPA payments.
  • Education — NeoNomad is committed to the financial development of its users through furthering their financial education and training. In service of this, the NeoNomad platform will feature a range of educational materials aimed at educating individuals on a number of different areas of finance. This educational content will provide real value and utility to those who need it most.


Looking Forward

Cryptocurrencies will be an integral part of the future of finance, and NeoNomad intends to play a key role in that future. We have come a long way, but there is so much further yet to go. As we move forward with the development of our parallel economy, we look forward to our upcoming milestones. With the staking product on the horizon, an upcoming Pancake swap listing, and our one of a kind NFT marketplace on the verge of release, the future looks bright for NeoNomad. If you are curious to learn more about what NeoNomad can offer you, visit our website and follow us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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