January 16, 2022
January 16, 2022

NeoNomad Overview

NeoNomad Overview

Welcome to NeoNomad, the revolutionary decentralized ecosystem that combines traditional finance, real-world assets, and DeFi on the Solana blockchain. Our mission is to create financial stability and long-term wealth growth for individuals by establishing a parallel economy that empowers complete financial freedom.

At NeoNomad, we offer an all-in-one platform designed to help you achieve your financial goals on your own terms, with a range of investment options to choose from. Our platform includes the following unique products and services:

• NNI Token : Our native token gives you access to our ecosystem, allowing you to invest in high-value assets and use our decentralized exchange (DEX) for staking,yield farming, and swap transactions.

• NeoNomad DEX : Our non-custodial exchange employs smart contracts to enable trading, eliminating the need for intermediaries

• Staking and Yield farming : Our non-custodial exchange employs smart contracts to enable trading, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

• Multi-Chain Bridge : You can grow your holdings by staking liquidity and earning rewards through our ecosystem's yield farming capabilities.

• NomadPay : Our eBanking services include SolanaPay, that enables you to make crypto payments, pay with your integrated VISA card for point-of-sale transactions and make cross-border payments with fiat or crypto using SWIFT or SEPA.

• NFTMarketplace : Our NFT marketplace stands out by backing NFTs with real-world assets such as gold, agriculture, and property, making their valuemore tangible.

• NeoNomad Dashboard : Our app is the gateway to our entire decentralized ecosystem,providing on/off-ramp access, access to ZARC stablecoin, and efficient tracking of all your financial activity.

• NomadPad : It provides the opportunity to invest in innovative new projects right from its launch.

NeoNomad offers an easy and low-cost way to exchange cryptocurrencies with minimal transaction fees and low latency while providing fair pricing. You can also provide liquidity to our LP pool and earn a share of trading fees. Our ultimate aim is to create tangible investments for everyone with the lowest possible transaction fees, making it easy and accessible for all to grow their wealth sustainably. At NeoNomad, we believe in financial inclusivity,and we offer a diverse range of DeFi services and investment opportunities that allow people to invest freely and sustainably. Our Tokenomics include:


• 70,000,000 NNI Staking/Mining Reserve/Liquidity Pools

• 6,000,000 NNI Advisors

• 2,000,000 NNI Airdrop

• 2,000,000 NNI Bounty

• 12,000,000 NNI Marketing& Advertising (2-year linear release)

• 40,000,000 NNI OTC wallet

• 12,000,000 NNI Development (2 year linear release)

• 45,000,000 NNI Co-founder wallet

• 6,000,000 NNI Executive team

• 5,000,000 NNI Core Team (4-year linear release)

If you want to learn more about NeoNomad, don't forget to check out our Whitepaper and join our vibrant community to empower yourself and take control of your finances! [Click Here]