Excited about NeoNomad? So are we! Below, you will find answers to the most frequently asked NeoNomad questions.

FAQ List

1. Where can I purchase NNI tokens?

NeoNomad swap: LINK
PancakeSwap: LINK
Uniswap: LINK
XT.com: LINK

Across Raydium and the Serum network.

2. Where can I view the price of NNI?

Coinmarketcap: LINK
Pancakeswap: LINK
CoinGecko: LINK
Birdeye: LINK

3. What are the current NNI trading pairs?

$NNI - $ USDC & $NNI - $ USDT.  LINK

4. What can I find the NeoNomad Tokenomics?

The NNI Tokenomics can be viewed on our documentations page here: LINK

5. Where can i see the NeoNomad roadmap?
6. Do I need Solana or BNB to execute a transaction?

You need a minimal amout of SOL in your wallet if you are transacting on the Solana network or a minimal amout of BNB if you are transacting on the Binance Smart Chain network. The minumum amounts are 0.00025 SOL and 0.001 BNB respectively.

7. What is a wallet & how do i create one?

a. How do i create a Phantom wallet?  LINK
b. How do i create a BSC wallet?  LINK
c How do i create an Ethereum wallet?  LINK

8. How do I stake my NNI tokens?

Staking Tutorial: LINK

9. When can I harvest my staked NNI tokens?

NNI tokens that are staked, as well as the returns earned off of the staked tokens, can be harvested once the lockup duration is completed. You can select a staking period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months currently.

10. What is the duration for each yield farm?

Each yield farm will last for a duration of between 1 and 6 months.

11. What are the current swap fees?

NeoNomad charges a minimal fee of 0.33%.

12. How do I bridge my NNI tokens across different networks?

Use this guide to assist you in bridging your NNI tokens: LINK

13. Do my tokens get wrapped when I bridge across different networks?

No, the NeoNomad bridge does not wrap your tokens. Instead the tokens on the source blockchain will be locked up in the smart contract and you will be issued new tokens on the destination blockchain.

14. What are the current bridging fees?

NeoNomad charges a minimal bridging fee of 1%.

15. How many blockchains does NeoNomad support?

NeoNomad currently supports Solana , Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Support for  Avalanche, Polygon and additional networks will be added.

16. Can I provide liquidity to all supported blockchains?

Yes, you can provide liquidity for all supported networks via our DApp: LINK

17. Have NeoNomad's smart contracts been audited?

Our NNI token smart contract and our staking smart contract has been audited. Our auditors are Hacken and Soken.

18. Which DeFi products are launching soon?

ZARC , NeoNomadNFT Marketplace > AgDeFi, MinDeFi, LgsDeFi, PropDeFi, NomadPay,

19. Will NomadPay be global?

Yes, NomadPay will be global, allowing you to use Visa, SwiftX and SolanaPay.

20. Can projects list their token on NeoNomad's multi-chain bridge?

Yes, Contact us for a partnership via our website!

21. Can projects list their token on the NeoNomad DEX?

Yes, Contact us for a partnership via our website!

22. Can projects create a farm with their token and the NNI token?

Yes, Contact us for a partnership via our website!

23. Who do I contact for support?

Join our Telegram channel: LINK or send us an email at info@neonomad.io


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