A comprehensive eBanking platform to bridge the gap between traditional finance and DeFi.

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Why NomadPay?

Users can enjoy financial services without the limitations of traditional finance. Easily initiate both fiat and crypto transactions, use crypto holdings at point-of-sale, make cross-border payments, and more.

NomadPay Ecosystem

Bridging the gap between TradFi and DeFi.

NomadPay VISAX

NomadPay VisaX makes spending your crypto easy. You can use your VISA card to pay any merchant that accepts debit cards, and withdraw cash at any ATM that supports VISA or MasterCard.

Earn Nomad Rewards when you spend with your NomadPay VisaX card.

Users will have access to both a physical and virtual card, with Apple Pay and Google Pay support.

With NomadPay VisaX, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced crypto utility in your daily life.

Choose between 4 tiers:
- NeoBlack Metal (high-end)
- NeoIvory (standard)
- NeoPurple (entry)
- NeoLite (lite)

... plus a virtual card option.

Get ready for the USA launch in Q4 2022, with more regions to follow shortly.


NomadPay NeoBank

NeoBanks are the future of banking. Decentralized, secure and accessible, they promise to revolutionize finance. Are you ready to join the revolution?

Enjoy low fees, multiple currency IBAN accounts, ATM withdrawals and more.

Get ready to experience banking reimagined with NomadPay Neobank, launching EU/UK Q1 2023. Expansion to other regions will follow soon.


NomadPay Snap

Make quick and easy crypto payments using SolanaPay, the payments service that is transforming DeFi payments.

NomadPay Snap utilises SolanaPay to offer transactions that are decentralized, immediate, and cost next to nothing.

Enjoy the benefits of seamless crypto payments with NomadPay Snap, launching globally in Q1 2023.



Minimal fees

Enjoy a full suite of financial services and products with minimal fees. Due to the use of decentralized technology, NomadPay offers users a seamless banking experience at extremely low cost.

Multiple currency accounts

Receive IBAN accounts for multiple currencies. Quickly convert between currencies.

Get more utility out of your crypto

Use your cryptocurrency holdings at point-of-sale with any merchant that accepts VISA cards. Crypto automatically gets converted into the local fiat currency at the time of transaction. Quick, easy, seamless.

Withdraw fiat with your crypto

You can withdraw funds from your NomadPay NeoNomad accounts at any ATM that accepts VISA and MasterCard.

Make cross-border payments with ease

NomadPay NeoBank enables you to transfer funds across borders with Swift & SEPA. The intuitive dashboard interface enables you to quickly and easily make and accept fund transfers from anywhere.

Physical and digital cards

NomadPay offers both physical cards and virtual cards, as well as an integration with Apply Pay and Google Pay, so you can decide how to spend your money.

Earn rewards while you spend

Use your NomadPay VisaX card and earn rewards every time you swipe - make money even while you spend it.

NomadPay VisaX Card

Choose your card from a range of tiers.

NeoBlack Metal: high-end tier

Premium rewards & benefits TBA

NeoIvory: standard tier

Standard rewards & benefits TBA

NeoPurple: entry tier

Entry-level rewards & benefits TBA

NeoLite Yellow: lite tier

Lite rewards & benefits TBA

NeoLite Blue: lite tier

Lite rewards & benefits TBA

NeoLite Pink: lite tier

Lite rewards & benefits TBA

NeoLite Cyan: lite tier

Lite rewards & benefits TBA

Virtual card

Virtual cards are available for all card tiers with Apply Pay & Google Pay


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