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Why NeoNomad?

We believe financial services should be available to everyone, not just a select few. We believe DeFi is the way to achieve this. That's why we've created a high-trust parallel economy designed with accessibility and real-world value in mind. Our inclusive DeFi ecosystem facilitates financial stability and the sustainable growth of wealth for all. We provide a variety of financial products, so you can decide how you want to create and grow your wealth. Join us in revolutionizing the future of finance.

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What are we good at?

An integrated platform for users to buy, sell, invest and trade cryptocurrencies. With our eBank, VISA card and NFT marketplace services, NeoNomad is the only DeFi exchange in Web3 offering such versatile and transparent financial services available to all.

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Ecosystem Overview

One platform, everything DeFi.



Quickly and easily exchange one token for another.

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Invest, trade and grow your crypto holdings.

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Choose your preferred blockchain for your DeFi assets, and trade crypto seamlessly across blockchains. NeoNomad currently provides a bridge for BSC, with further bridge support to be added soon.

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Grow your NNI holdings by staking them. It's an easy way to grow your wealth. By providing several staking period options, we enable you to choose how long you want your tokens staked for.

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yield farming

Sow your NNI tokens in one of NeoNomad's farms and reap the harvest. Similar to staking, it's an easy way to multiply your money.

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Become a liquidity provider in NeoNomad's pools and earn LP tokens as a reward. Make your money work for you.

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Bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi. Use your crypto holdings daily with your integrated VISA card. Make easy crypto payments with SolanaPay. Request Swift or SEPA payments quickly and easily from the NeoNomad dashboard.

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nft marketplace

Our marketplace makes the value of NFTs more tangible by offering NFTs backed by real-world assets. Invest in high-value assets like gold, agriculture and property in a decentralized manner. It's easy, secure, and profitable.

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neonomad capital

Decentralized investment funds a cut above the rest. Through NeoNomad capital, we offer investment options to fit investors of any level. There is no minimum investment requirement - simply connect your wallet and invest.

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A new way to invest in new DeFi projects and tokenised businesses. NomadPad gives the NeoNomad community first access to high-value investment opportunities.

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ZARC is the first stablecoin pegged 1:1 with the South African Rand.

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We have a ridiculously ambitious vision, a well-crafted plan, and an extraordinary team to achieve our goals.

Audit Q2 2022
Launch Q2 2022
Staking V1 Q2 2022
Staking V3 capital Q2 2023
Bridge V1
Bridge audit Q2 2022
Bridge launch Q2 2022
Bridge pentest Q4 2022
Bridge Upgrade Q1 2023
Bridge Frontend Upgrade Q1 2023
Swaps V1
Raydium/Serum liquidity pool launch Q1 2022
Pool Q1 2022
NNI token
Audit Q2 2022
Launch Q2 2022
Dapp front end q4 2022
Founded Q1 2022
Front End Swaps Q4 2022
Front End Farms Q4 2022
Front End Staking Q4 2022
Front End Bridge Q4 2022
Front End NomadPad Q4 2022



Q1 2023
Bridge Multi-Chain Token Support
NeoNomad dApp v2 upgrade
Zarc EVM Integration
Zarc Token Mint (SOL/BNB/ETH)
ZARC web app
Q2 2023
ZARC mobile development
ZARC beta testing (round 1,2&3)
NeoNomad NFT marketplace Development
NeoNomad DEX launch
NeoNomad Yield Farming (testing)
ZARC Launch
Q3-4 2023
Expansion of current staking contract
ZARC early bird NFT collection
NeoNomad EVM staking integration
Dynamic staking development
ZARC public listing expansion
ZARC Launch
ZARC/NNI CEX listings
NeoNomad Swaps/Lp Contract v2
NeoNomad Yield Farming (Mainnet)
ZARC Multi-chain bridge contract release
ZARG (XAUR) Gold-backed fungible token
Q1-4 2024
NeoNomad Capital Launch
ZARC V2 Upgrade


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